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We will pick you up at your resort/hotel around 7am (It's best to beat the midday sun). Then we will drive out to the trail head and outfit you with a helmet, bike, and set up a route to fit your riding ability.

For the most part we stay off the main roads and take the single-track trails and back-roads. INTERACTIVE ROUTE MAP For the first half of our tour we will be winding our way through rural Dumaguete heading up the mountain at your pace and a slight grade. Many have said this is as much a cultural tour as a physical sightseeing tour.

While peddling ( at your pace) you become a part of the local life as we meander through one lane tracks dodging goats and cows, all the while, the locals are greeting you with "mayong buntag" (Bisaya for, good morning) as they are starting off their day preparing meals, tending to their fields, animals and fetching water.

Eventually we arrive at the higher elevation of Valencia proper (13 kms 250mts in elevation) we'll stop and take a well-deserved break with some local snacks and beverages of your choice. Some like the local hot chocolate with sticky rice, but there are other choices – rolls, coffee, and cold drinks. After our snack, if you choose, you can take some time checking out the beautiful park in Valencia proper, surrounded by acacia trees, with a view of mount Talinas, It's a great place to take some pictures. Once you're ready we will start the second half of our journey.

This is where the real fun begins!

As we start our way down the mountain from Valencia using single tracks, and small back roads you will feel like a kid again ( unless you are a kid) The sights and sounds will be similar to the first half but it's twice the fun whizzing your way down exerting little or no effort! The speed is up to you, but for the first time down it's best to take it easy, enjoy the ride and take it all in.

After about 40 minutes of winding our way down the mountain to the buko (coconut) station where we can drink some well-deserved fresh coconut water, mingle with the locals and take a few pictures. After our break we'll be back on the trails working our way back to the support truck where we can load up and get you back to your comfy accommodations.
Includes: Bike, Helmet, Water, Refreshments and snacks.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Cost: 1900 Pesos


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